Teach fractions with ease

An online library of powerful, creative and fun-filled resources for young mathematicians

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An introductory resource on fractions for 5-7 year olds. There’s plenty more for older age groups as part of the Number Fun library of over 200 songs – all with accompanying videos and teaching resources.

Ready-to-use videos, songs, stories and activities for instant impact in your classroom

Number and Place Value

Conservation, arrangement styles, counting on and back, partitioning, sense of number, sequences, rounding, intervals across zero.

Addition and Subtraction

Number bonds, balance, reduction, comparison, partitioning, mental strategies, number lines, augmentation, vocabulary, functions.

Multiplication and Division

Doubling, halving, times tables to 12, grouping, sharing, chunking, sequences, vocabulary, memory and concept, functions, factors, primes, squares and cubes.


Halves, quarters, counting, decimals equivalence, percentages.


Units, dates, times, events, money, clocks, perimeter and area

Position and direction

Vocabulary, concepts, movement, compass points.


Shape, patterns, 2D and 3D, polygons, symmetry, angles, triangles, squares


Ratios, proportions. Relative sizes and missing values. Percentages and comparisons.

And even more…

Venn diagrams, sequences, celebrations, problem solving, mental recall.

So… what makes Number Fun different?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works in the classroom. 

We’ve taken the common challenges teachers tell us they face with primary mathematics, and designed resources to help with all of them.

Any of these seem familiar?

See how Number Fun helps

Children not retaining mathematical facts and concepts - like simply remembering times tables!

Number Fun songs coupled with the visuals provides a proven approach to improved retention and comprehension (and yes, times tables are in there)

Children unable to apply the facts to real world problems

Number Fun brings learning to life with animations and games consistently using real world examples

Finding fun, interactive and varied sessions to make each lesson engaging

Teachers consistently tell us that children love the Number Fun songs and the stories that build with each character

Managing the demands of the curriculum and spending hours searching for and preparing good quality resources

The Number Fun Portal comes with over 200 ready to use songs and supporting resources categorised by domain and age.

Challenges supporting a range of abilities in the same classroom

Number Fun has graded sets of resources for each domain

When teachers build Number Fun into their lesson planning through the year, they frequently tell us how deeply satisfying it is to see the children enjoying learning and thriving – despite the pressures.

How do I use Number Fun?

Number Fun is designed from the ground-up to fit into your curriculum and lesson planning. It provides complementary content using songs and activities to deeply embed mathematical concepts.

When you’ve selected your resource you can get started instantly and then reinforce the learning points by tailoring the content to your needs. 

First, get started straight out of the box


Play the ready-to-roll song and animation videos


Flesh out the lesson with the teacher ideas pack

Later, personalise the content to reinforce learning


Edit the matching PowerPoint file


Create a custom singalong with the pre-recorded backing track or sheet music

Here’s some sample resources for each age group that you can try out – and a video guide to walk you through the process.

Ready to join?

What others say…

The Number Fun portal is so easy to use that even the least tech savvy staff will have no problems navigating around it.
Number Fun = Children loving their maths = Children learning maths.

Rachel – Early Years Lead, York

A fantastic resource to bring mathematics to life – catchy songs to support the learning of the maths curriculum, backed up with a range of resources to support teaching for conceptual understanding !

Alison – Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, Leicester  

The new video presentations are incredibly helpful to maximise the impact of these amazing songs. I have been using Number Fun songs with children for over a decade. The new portal has taken the whole product to a new level. 

Michael – Headteacher, York